Thursday, May 2, 2013

Do you act with love and kindness only when others are watching?

Today I was struck by the behavior of the car following me down the road.  As I was heading out of town this particular vehicle was following very closely behind me.  Clearly they had somewhere to go and did not appreciate my obedience of the speed limit!  What struck me was their quick change in driving habits when a police car approached us in the oncoming lane.  Suddenly, they dropped back 20 feet and drove well below the speed limit.  What struck me was their obedience and kindness only when someone of authority was present.

If we change our driving habits when a police car is present, who do we not drive with kindness and caution all the time?  Do we only behave properly out of fear of punishment?  What message does this convey to our children? 

If we change the way we speak and interact with our children when others are around, who do we not speak and interact with them in that kind and loving way all the time? 

If we change our behavior and family habits when guests are visiting our home, who do we not behave in that manner all the time, rather than just when we are trying to impress someone?

It seems that our behaviors, our manner of speech, our habits at home, and our love and kindness change to the way they should always be only when others are present.  While it is good that we recognize a need to behave properly and recognize what that positive behavior is, shouldn’t we be striving to always act with love and kindness? 

As we can quickly forget, someone is always watching us:  God.  God knows all our thought and all our actions.  While we cannot see Him, He is always watching and longing for us to live lives of service and love.  What would God have to say about your behavior today?  Are you being kind and loving only when others are watching?  Or are you striving to live the life of Christ even when God is the only one watching?

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