Why family time in prayer is our number one priority

To say that time in prayer and time to learn and grow in the Catholic faith are a necessary part of every family’s day would be an understatement.  Our relationship with God can never stand still, so if we are not growing and moving toward God, then we are moving away from God.  To this many would say that their day is just too full.  School, homework, job obligations, social functions, sporting events, play practice, or music lessons take up all the time their family can spare.  While all these activities are positive experiences for youth and families alike, if they make us unable to take 15 minutes for family prayer and reflection every day, they are hindering our relationship with God. 

I would ask you:  what are the chances your child is going to be a professional athlete, or a professional musician, or is going to make a living as a play writer?  We do not know what God has planned for our children other than their one, true vocation, which is a life lived with God, and in service to God, in preparation for heaven.  Just as we would not schedule a basketball game without first holding a team practice, or invite the community to a play without having a rehearsal, or plan a community band concert without first getting the band together for practice, the same holds true for our preparation for heaven. 

We must hold practice to prepare for the big event.  This means that our first priority is fostering a love of God in our children, practicing that devotion every day.  Other activities can fall into place only after this job has been fulfilled.

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