Thursday, May 2, 2013

Please share your thoughts!

What do you see as the fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church that too few Catholics and non-Catholics really know and understand?

How do we go about re-educating adults and parents about the teachings of the Catholic Church so they can pass along the beauty of the Church to their children?

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  1. I think the church's teaching on contraception is sorely ignored by many Catholics. They feel that they should follow what they feel is right rather than what God would. Most non-Catholics don't understand the beauty of being open to God's plan for their families either. Deep down every heart must know when it is not in obedience and that is why there is such a lack of joy and peace in the world.
    There are groups that do a great job bringing the church's teaching to couples, such as CCL but sadly unless our priests make NFP a requirement for all marriage prep and speak about it themselves on Sunday in their homilies, many Catholic won't hear about it! We all have the responsibility to spread the word!