Getting started

Our goal was to provide parents with a tool for prayerful reflection on sacred scripture in a length of time that was manageable for busy families.  While our days our busy, and filled with many activities, we can all find fifteen minutes a day to spend with our families and with our Lord.  I encourage you to make this a daily tradition at the breakfast table, after school, at the dinner table, or at bed time.  When we begin and end our days as a family and with the Lord we show our children that Christ is at the center of our family, that He walks with us throughout our whole day, and that our time as a family is sacred.

Whether it is the start of the liturgical year, or nearing the end, there is no better time to get started than today.  It is only by guiding our children in packing their suitcases for this lifelong journey that we can hope to give them the skills to one day pack their suitcases on their own.  It is only by showing our children that every day begins and ends with Christ, that time with family and time in prayer is important, and showing them the beauty within the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church that we can hope to raise up young saints prepared for their journey toward heaven.  Now we set out together toward a lifetime of planning and preparing for the most important journey we will ever take:  our journey to heaven.

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