Do we get to pick and choose our beliefs?

I am here to tell you, in no minced words, that we do not get to pick and choose what we believe when it comes to the teachings of the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Church is founded upon and rooted in the life and teaching of Jesus Christ and the commandments given to us by God.  We do not and cannot know more or understand more about the teachings of Jesus Christ than the leaders of the Catholic Church who are inspired by the Holy Spirit.  And how dare we assume such a thing?  We are called to obedience of Jesus and obedience of His Church here on earth. 

Take a moment to reflect on the situation of obedience parents look to establish in their own homes.  We give our children rules and expect that they obey all of those rules, rather than picking and choosing which ones they would like to follow.  The same situation has been established by God and by the Catholic Church.  God is our Father and His Church has been established here on earth to lead us.  God and the Church have called us to obedience in following the teachings of Christ and God’s commandments.  Much as we do not like our children picking and choosing which rules they will follow, God feels the same way. 

In those moments of weakness when we desire to follow another path and those around us tell us “it’s okay, the Church is just behind the times” we must pause and recognize that in that moment we are being tempted by none other than the devil.  Think back to how the story played out in the garden so many years ago.  He sees our weakness, our struggles, our desires, and he longs to tempt us and draw us near him.  He longs to pull as many sheep from the flock as he can.  We must be strong, we must hold our ground, and we must fight.  Society does not know what is best for us.  Society has been changing its stance on social and moral issues for millenia, as it follows its own whims and desires.  The Catholic Church has held fast to the truth and has remained unwavering, a true sign of its adherence to the true teachings of Christ. 

Let us pause in those moments when we think we know better than those priests “who just can’t understand what real life is like for real families.”  Let us pause and seek their council in our times of doubt and misunderstanding.  Let us dust off and open up our Catechism of the Catholic Church and consult Church teaching on the matter we are struggling with.  Let us turn to the Church and to God for guidance, rather than our next door neighbor.  For only with sound guidance can we make sound decisions.  It would seem that relying on the guidance of a Church that has been around for thousands of years, was established by Christ, is inspired by the Holy Spirit, and is the best way to go.

Are you ready to be “all in” with the Catholic Church?

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