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Reflection:  The reading from the letter to the Hebrews reminds us of the beautiful, and yet very human, call to the priesthood.  A man doesn’t choose to be a priest; God calls him to that vocation.  It is easy to view our priests as perfect because they are the leaders of the Church.  But, we are reminded that they sin and are flawed just like we are.  This helps them to know the struggles in our lives because they have had the same struggles.  This helps them guide us in resisting those temptations and in drawing closer to God.

Big Picture:  Seek guidance in your priests

Discussion Starters:
     Younger saints:
  What is a vocation?  (A vocation is how God wants you to serve Him in your life.  This is different from a job because it affects everything about your life.  The different vocations are:  Priest, religious sister or brother, married, single.)  Who is a priest?  (A priest is a man that God asks to serve Him by helping to lead His Church here on earth.  A priest doesn’t get married because their vocation is to devote their whole life to God and His Church.)  Is a priest perfect?  (No.  Priests are people, just like us.  They make mistakes just like we do, but they are always trying to serve God just like us.)
     Older saints:  What does is mean to discern something?  (To ask God for guidance and listen in prayer for what God wants you to do in your life.)  What are the different vocations?  (Priest, religious sister or brother, married, single)  Have you prayerfully discerned what you think your vocation will be?

Fun Fact:  The priest’s washing of his hands prior to the consecration is symbolic of him cleansing himself of sin.

Saint of the day: 

Name:  St. Agnes
Key aspect of their life:  She was very beautiful and many young men wanted to marry her.  They brought her many gifts and promises in an attempt to win her over.  She would always say “Jesus Christ is my only spouse.”  St. Agnes was only 13 years old when she suffered martyrdom for her faith. 
Feast day:  January 21
Patron saint of:  The children of Mary

Daily Notes: 

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