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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reflection:  Today’s letter to the Hebrews was the uplifting reminder I needed to keep pressing forward.  Sometimes we can feel like our prayers, reflections, and time in service to others can be getting us nowhere and accomplishing nothing.  This reading reminds us that our labor never goes unnoticed by God.  We cannot strive for honors here on earth, for our praise will come from God when we get to heaven.  We also must heed the warning to not become sluggish in our faith life.  We must continue to strive for greatness and to give our time with God and our service to others the priority that they deserve.

Big Picture:  Make time for God every day

Discussion Starters:
     Younger saints:
  What does the word sluggish mean?  (To be inactive and lacking energy.)  What would it mean to be sluggish in our faith?  (To not work every day to pray, to serve God, to serve others, and to learn more about the Catholic faith.)  Why is it important to pray every day?  (This is how we talk to God and God talks to us, so this is the most important thing that we can do in our day.) 
     Older saints:  Should we be seeking honor and praise from others for all of our accomplishments?  Do you spend time every day in prayer and reflection with God?  Do you think you should receive honors and rewards from God for doing this?  (Our reward will come when we get to spend all of eternity with God in heaven.  Until then, this behavior is simply expected so that we may grow in our faith and in our understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church.)

Fun Fact:  Someone asked St. Francis de Sales how much one should pray, the Doctor of the Church replied that you should pray a half hour each day, unless you’re busy. If you’re busy, you should pray an hour.

Saint of the day: 
  St. Vincent Pallottiano
     Key aspect of their life:  St. Vincent struggled for a time with his studies.  His mother sought the advice of a local priest who suggested they pray a Novena for Vincent.  Once the Novena was completed he became the brightest student in his class.  St. Vincent was also filled with a deep desire to care for and do penance for the poor and those less fortunate than himself.
     Feast day:  January 22

Daily Notes: 

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