Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daily Readings:
HEB 7:1-3, 15-17; PS 110:1, 2, 3, 4; MK 3:1-6

Reflection:  In our Gospel reading today we see Jesus seeking to soften the hearts of the Pharisees.  Jesus gives them an opportunity to see the good He is doing and to turn toward Him, rather than turning against Him.  Much to Jesus’ disappointment, they chose evil and sought to put Him to death.  Jesus offers us this same opportunity to turn toward Him in our life.  In those moments when our conscience says we should choose a better path, it is Jesus tugging at our heart and asking us to choose to follow Him.  Follow Jesus and do good.

Big Picture:  Follow Jesus

Discussion Starters:
     Younger saints:  What does it mean to follow Jesus?  (To obey His commandments and to always work to be kind and to care for others.)  Is this always easy to do?  (No, sometimes it means that we don’t get to do what we want or to have all that we want.)  What is our reward for following Jesus?  (We get to go to heaven). 
     Older saints:  Could Jesus have performed this miracle in private so He would not risk angering the Pharisees and putting His life at risk?  Why did Jesus perform this miracle in front of the Pharisees instead of doing it in private?  (He wanted to give them an opportunity to turn and follow Him.  He is always seeking to give us chances to choose to serve Him.)  At what times in your life have you experienced Jesus tugging on your heart and giving you a second chance to choose Him?

Fun Fact:  Mass is celebrated worldwide every day of the year except one, Good Friday.

Saint of the day: 
     Name:  St. Marianne Cope
     Key aspect of their life:  When she was in 8th grade her father became unable to provide for the family and she took a position in a factory to support her family.  Once her siblings were older in age, she pursued religious life in the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis.  She later became a teacher and directed the opening of the first two Catholic hospitals in New York.  In 1883 she left New York with six other members of her Order to provide aid to lepers in Hawaii.  Care of these lepers had already been refused by 50 other Orders.
     Feast day:  January 23
     Patron saint of:  lepers, outcasts, those with HIV/AIDS, Hawaii
Daily Notes: 

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