Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Have you seen the great fruits of your daily prayer time yet?

Have you ever returned to a structured daily exercise routine and more nutritious eating after pursuing “less than desirable” lifestyle habits?  I am just at that place right now, which made me think of how this scenario relates in many ways to a return to a daily, structured prayer life.  I am about one week into making my time on the treadmill a priority in my day. Sure, I have tried before, and I lasted a few days each time.  It is always so easy to find a reason not to fit my exercise in:  too busy, its too much work, I don’t have a place to work out, it is too cold outside, it is too hot outside, and finally, I just don’t want to.  The problem is, I never stick with it long enough to see the fruits of my hard work.  I woke up this morning, however, and felt refreshed and energized and good about myself.  Yes!  I have finally gotten over the hump so I can mentally see the benefits of this difficult, but beneficial, lifestyle change. 

The same theory can apply to our prayer life.  Have we given it enough time to take hold so we can really see the benefits of our hard work?  It certainly is hard work at first, but in time it will become a part of our day that we are not willing to sacrifice.  Have you experienced that “Yes!” in your prayer life where you can really see the great fruits it is bearing in your life and you can’t imagine how you were living without it?

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