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Monday, March 18, 2013

Reflection:  As a parent, the opening paragraph of Daniel spoke to me regarding my goal and duty as a mother.  We should all aspire to raise children as faithful as Susanna.  We see her described as a “God-fearing woman…whose pious parents had trained her according to the law of Moses.”  She recognized it was better to suffer the wrath of man than to suffer the wrath of God as a result of sinfulness.  She trusted in God and His saving power.  Are we aspiring to be seen as pious parents whose focus is to train our children in the teachings of the Church?  Or are we aspiring to raise children who are educated and successful according to social standards?  Would others describe our children as “God-fearing” or question their knowledge of God?  In Susanna’s day, faithfulness was seen as something deserving of great honor.  Do we still have that save view today?

Reflection for younger saints:  Susanna’s parents taught her to know and love God.  Because she loved God she chose to risk her own life rather than to sin.  Susanna trusted and loved God.

Big Picture:  Avoid sin at all costs

Discussion Starters:
     Younger saints:
  What was the name of the woman in our story today?  How did people describe her?  What does it mean to be God-fearing?
     Older saints:  Re-read the story of Susanna and reflect on how you would have handled a similar situation.  Would you have risked your life and reputation rather than sin against God?  Would you have trusted your life to the saving power of God?  Every day we have to choose to follow God rather than falling prey to sin.  Are you choosing a trust and faith in God and the glory of heave, or are you choosing fleeting moments of “happiness” through sin?

Fun Fact:  The second reading is always taking from the New Testament.

Saint of the day: 
 Saint Salvator of Horta
     What they are remembered for:  St. Salvator of Horta entered the Franciscans at the age of 21 and quickly became well known for his life of charity and simplicity, but mainly his healing abilities.  So many people flocked to see him that he was transferred to Horta.  The people still sought him out, though.  He is known for his reverence for the sacraments in telling all who came to him to first examine their conscience, go to confession, and receive the Holy Eucharist worthily.
     Feast day:  March 18
Daily Notes:

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