Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How if your Lenten sacrifice going?

My family and I were thrust into Lent this year as our home was ravaged by a relentless stomach bug on Ash Wednesday.  There was certainly plenty opportunity for offering up our suffering!  Now, as we have emerged from our illness, I am humbled by my struggles with my own Lenten sacrifice.  I am realizing what a grip my vices have on me, and how much I need our Lord to give me strength to overcome them.  Much as we see in our reading from the book of Esther, it is only in throwing ourselves down before our Lord, recognizing our weakness and inability to do this on our own, that we can overcome that sin that has so tightly gripped our lives. 

I urge you to press on, for this Lent God has great things planned for us.  Our country needs us to rise up, to offer up our sacrifices, and to turn our lives more fully toward God.  Can you feel Him pulling you closer yet?  Can you feel Him entering more fully into every area of your life yet?  Are you still keeping certain doors closed to our Lord?  Why?  What are you affraid of?

This Lent, let us open wide the doors of our heart and welcome our Lord in.  May our hearts be overflowing with His light and His joy on Easter morning!

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