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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reflection:  We are all called to follow Christ and to live as He lived.  We see in Luke’s Gospel a reminder that Jesus came to heal the sinners.  He came to draw sinners to Himself and to ask them to turn their lives over to Him.  He calls out to all of us to “follow me.”  Are you answering the call?  If not, what is causing you to follow your own pursuits instead of God’s?  If you have answered God’s call, how are you following Jesus’ example and seeking out sinners, showing them the way through your lived example, and asking them to follow Christ?

Big Picture:  Leave everything behind and follow Christ?

Discussion Starters:
     Younger saints:
  Today we hear about Jesus sharing a meal with sinners.  Does Jesus only love those who are perfect and without sin?  Does Jesus love everyone?  How do we show Jesus we love Him?
     Older saints:  We see another example of a follower of Christ leaving everything behind to follow Jesus.  He sees the joy and beauty of a life lived with God and knows no earthly possessions could bring such joy.  Are you still seeking joy in earthly possessions?  Have you turned your life over to God and answered His call to “follow me?”  What is holding you back?  What area of your life do you struggle to turn over to God?

Fun Fact:  Charity is the virtue by which we love God above all else, and we love our neighbor as ourselves (St. Joseph’s Baltimore Catechism No. 1, 2008, p. 54).

Saint of the day: 
 Saint Daniel
     What they are remembered for:  St. Daniel visited Christians who were condemned to work in the mines because of their faith.  Because of this visit, he was also martyred for his Christian faith.
     Feast day:
  February 16
Daily Notes:

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