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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Reflection:  In calling us all to a life of evangelization, God is asking us all to “be an instrument of salvation to the ends of the earth.”  It somehow gives our task of sharing the Good News so much more importance when we are viewed as instruments of salvation.  When we share the teachings of Jesus and His Church with others, though, we are making it possible for them to one day experience the joy of heaven.  For, if they do not know and love God, how can they honor, serve, and obey Him so that one day they might kneel at His feet?  Just as the Father dwells in Jesus and does His works through Jesus, He also dwells in us and does great works through us.  “Whoever believes in me will do the works that I do.”  Are you doing the works of the father and being an instrument of salvation, or are you sitting by and letting others carry your load and do your work?

Reflection for younger saints:  God wants us all to be an instrument of salvation.  We do this by loving others and teaching them about God.  They must know God so they can love and serve Him.

Big Picture:  We are God’s hands and feet

Discussion Starters:
     Younger saints:
  God asks us to be an instrument of ________.  How do we do this?  Why do we have to teach others about God?
     Older saints:  How are you being an instrument of salvation?  How is God calling you to take it up a notch?

Fun Fact:  The third commandment is:  Remember thou keep holy the Lord’s day.  In this God commands us to worship and honor God in a special way on Sunday, which is the Lord’s day.  On Sunday we should give all of our time to the things of God.  The third commandment forbids unnecessary labor of the body on Sunday (St. Joseph’s Baltimore Catechism No. 1, 2008, p. 88).

Saint of the day: 
 Saint Simeon
     What they are remembered for:  Saint Simeon is thought to be a cousin of Jesus who was likely present in the Upper Room on Pentecost.  He was the second bishop of Jerusalem after his brother James was martyred.  He later met a martyr’s death when he was crucified for being a Christian.
     Feast day:  April 27
Daily Notes:

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