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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reflection:  “So humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.  Cast all your worries upon him because he cares for you.”  Surely we live in a time when many are worried.  People are worried for their safety, for the state of our environment, and for the state of religious freedom.  What we tend to lose sight of is our trust in our Lord.  If we obey God’s command and “go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature” we will bring more faithful and humble souls to God to do His work and to strengthen the Church.  “Your opponent the Devil is prowling around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” and his current method is fear.  Let us “be sober and vigilant” and put our faith and trust in the Lord. 

Reflection for younger saints:  Sometimes we can be worried and afraid.  The devil likes to make us feel this way.  Instead, we must trust in God and know that He is always with us and always guiding us as long as we are willing to listen to Him.

Big Picture:  Be sober and vigilant

Discussion Starters:
     Younger saints:
  Who like to make us be afraid?  (The devil.)  Who will protect us from all of our worries and our fears?  What do we have to do to seek God’s protection?  (Come to Him in prayer and trust that He will help us.) 
     Older saints:  Do you live your life in fear, or do you know others who live their life that way?  Do you take those fears to God and find peace in Him?  Do you trust that God will care for you?  Have you shared the Good News with those who are fearful and may not know and trust God?  Sometimes we can become so attached to the things and our life in this world that we become fearful.  We must always keep our eyes focused on heaven and remember that our time here on earth is very short compared to the time we will spend with God in the glory of heaven.

Fun Fact:  We do not pray to the crucifix or to images or statues.  These things help to remind us of the people that we are praying to (St. Joseph’s Baltimore Catechism No. 1, 2008, p. 84).

Saint of the day: 
 Saint Mark
     What they are remembered for:  St. Mark proclaimed the Good News about Jesus through his writing of the Gospel according to Mark.  The details of his life and whether or not he met Jesus personally are still unknown.  St. Mark was a cousin of Barnabas and he spent a portion of time traveling and preaching with Paul, though he did not remain with Paul on all of his journeys.  St. Mark’s Gospel centers on the “scandal” of Jesus’ crucifixion.
     Feast day:  April 25
Daily Notes:

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