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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reflection:  Jesus shows such love and patience for His disciples who continue to question His rising and fail to recognize His presence.  Jesus shows us this same love and patience as we learn to have faith in His death and His rising.  The disciples need to see Christ’s body and have their minds opened to understand the scripture before they are “incredulous for joy and were amazed.”  God has done the same for us.  He has blessed us with the Eucharist where we get to truly see, touch, and eat of Jesus’ body.  He has also blessed us with the sacred scripture, the Catholic Church, and the Holy Spirit that open our minds and guide us in reading and understanding His scripture every time we read His book.

Reflection for younger saints:  The disciples need to touch Jesus’ body and understand Jesus’ teaching before they see Jesus and believe in His rising.  Jesus allows us to receive Him in the Eucharist and read of His sacred scripture so we might see and believe.

Big Picture:  See and believe.

Discussion Starters:
     Younger saints:
  Who did the disciples think Jesus was?  What does Jesus have them do so they might believe?  How do we see and touch Jesus?
     Older saints:  Reflect on your own experience of receiving Jesus in the Eucharist.  Do you take the time to reflect on that being the true body and blood of Christ every time you receive Him in the Eucharist?  What does it mean to you that it is His body and His blood?

Fun Fact:  When we receive Holy Communion we are receiving the true body and blood of Jesus, not just a symbol.

Saint of the day: 
 Saint Isidore of Seville
     What they are remembered for:  St. Isidore of Seville witnessed a time of great religious division in Spain.  Saint Isidore helped to unite Spain and also led and guided other European countries in doing the same.  St. Isidore was also devoted to education and founded a number of seminaries and schools.
     Feast day:  April 4
Daily Notes:

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