Monday, April 29, 2013

"We can't help everyone. But everyone can help someone."

Sometimes we can become paralyzed by thinking about all the troubles and changes we want to make in the world.  We can become so overwhelmed that we simply do nothing.  "We can't help everyone.  But everyone can help someone."  Rather than trying to conquer the world, if we each help and serve someone, we can work together to change the world. 

How is God calling you to serve and to draw others to Him and to His Church?  Do others see God's love and service in you?  Sometimes the simplest of actions will open people's eyes to the love of God.  These small moments can be the moments that change their lives forever.  Take a few minutes of prayer today to ask God how He is calling you to be His hands and feet.  Reflect on the one or two people in your life who need to see God's love right now. 

"We can't help everyone.  But everyone can help someone."  Who is that someone who needs your help and your love today?  Put aside your own plans and your own desires and let them see God's love and God's light in you today!

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